Do you ever have the same problem I do? I get ready to print something I really need from my computer and guess what… there is no ink! This is especially disheartening if you are rushing out to do a presentation where you need handouts. Then it is a matter of getting in the car, riding down to the local office supply house and finding the right ink cartridge for the printer. Next it is a trip back home or to the office to put the ink cartridges in the printer and finally print what is needed. By this time I am normally frazzled and not prepared for my speech or seminar.

I have come to realize that it is just not feasible to buy ink cartridges for my inkjet printer one at a time. It costs more in gas and time to purchase the one ink jet cartridge than it is worth it. You may have tried cheap replacement cartridges only to find they clogged the inkjet printer head. I think the best idea is to buy original ink cartridges in bulk. Sometimes you can get a discount if you purchase genuine ink cartridges or genuine toner cartridges 6 to 12 at a time. Then when your supply of cartridges gets down to the last one or two it is time to reorder instead of waiting to completely run out. Smart!.